New Stuff

Ever wondered how people just do something effortlessly (or at least it seems like it was done effortlessly) and everyone suddenly knows about it. And then you do something which you worked really hard for and tell someone and they just go like ,”Oh, that’s great.”

You know when you are trying something new and that feeling you get inside yourself. That is the feeling I was going for when I decided to start this blog. And I’m sure as hell getting that feeling along with a lot of ‘what-ifs’.
You may be wondering how the first paragraph is related to this. Well, I just want to say that don’t care what people say about you, do what you do because you love it.
Now this has surely turned out to be a very serious post, so on a happier note: Christmas is coming!!!!! I am so excited for Christmas (not for the presents because my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas). I am actually excited for all the Disney movies that will be coming on T.V.

I know I probably sound like a 5 year old kid, but that is my mental age. I am a 5 year old trapped inside the body of a 13 year old. Don’t you ever get excited about Disney movies? Comment your favourite Disney movie and let’s see which one is the most popular.
                                     Yours truly,